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Marketplace Update: Hop into Action with New Rabbit Mounts!

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Marketplace Update: Hop into Action with New Rabbit Mounts!

The Marketplace has been updated!
New items available for Merit Badges have been added to the Marketplace. Merit Badges are earned through gameplay and the new achievement system. Items available for Merit Badges and Loyalty Tokens can be accessed through the new Award tab.
New Marketplace Items
  • Lord Cottontail’s Archeum Supply Crate – Has a rare chance to contain the rabbit mount Lord Cottontail , the patriarch of the legendary Cottontail family. Also has a chance to contain dapper rabbit mount specific armor: Golden Tick-Tock Top Hat, Black Blazer Rabbit Saddle , or Golden Tick-Tock Legguards . Available for 490 Credits
    • Important: Lord Cottontail’s Archeum Supply Crate and Lord Cottontail are untradeable .
  • Lady Fluffsworth – The heir to the Fluffsworth estate, this gentle rabbit mount enjoys long hops on the beach.  Available for 1345 Credits.
  • Rabbit Mount Armor – Hop in style with a full set of rabbit mount specific armor available for direct sale.
    • Silver Tick-Tock Top Hat – Available for 225 credits.
    • White Blazer Rabbit Saddle – Available for 225 credits.
    • Silver Tick-Tock Legguards – Available for 225 credits.
  • Lady Fluffsworth Rabbit Package – A bundle containing Lady Fluffsworth , Silver Tick-Tock Top Hat , White Blazer Rabbit Saddle , and Silver Tick-Tock Legguards . Available for 1650 Credits.
  • Otherword Storage Chest – A storage chest that allows the storage for 100 bound items. Only usable by the owner of the house that it is placed in. Available for 1862 Credits.
  • Crest Tradepack Storage – Provides the same function on a ship as tradepack storage but weighs less and can be customized with a UCC image. Can also be used in Cannon slots. Available for 1000 Credits.
  • Restoration Alembic – This item removes the image item that has been fused to another item, restoring the item to its original look. The image item is lost during the process. Available for 250 Credits.
  • Shatigon’s Sand – Used to repair certain vehicles and ships when they have been destroyed. Available in stacks of ten for 3 Credits.

New Loyalty Token Items
  • Sir Hoppington – Summon this notorious rogue rabbit mount and prepare to raid the vegetable gardens of local produce farmers. Available for 350 Loyalty Tokens.
  • Miraculous Lunafrosts – Usable on jewelry or instruments. Available for 150 Loyal Tokens each.
    • Miraculous Hostility Lunafrost – Melee Attack 3.0 Increase
    • Miraculous Tracker Lunafrost – Ranged Attack 3.0 Increase
    • Miraculous Transcendent Lunafrost – Magic Attack 3.0 Increase
    • Miraculous Love Lunafrost – Healing Power 3.0 Increase
    • Miraculous Fortitude Lunafrost: Physical Defense 59 Increase
    • Miraculous Distorted Lunafrost – Magic Defense 59 Increase
    • Miraculous Giant Lunafrost – Max Health 50 Increase
    • Miraculous Elemental Lunafrost – Max Mana 50 Increase

New Merit Badge Items
  • Mineral Archeum Tree Sapling – Provides Archeum or Archeum Logs. Needs to be watered with Auroria Mineral Water. Available for 30 Merit Badges.
  • Rumbling Archeum Tree Sapling – Provides Archeum Crystals and has a significantly higher chance to become thunderstruck than other trees. Available for 60 Merit Badges.
  • Violet Ombre Wings – Majestic indigo wings that are worn in the cloak slot. Available for 200 Merit Badges.
  • Verdant Whisper Wings – Majestic pale green wings that are worn in the cloak slot. Available for 200 Merit Badges.
  • Lord of the Dance Token – Bestows the “Lord of the Dance” title. When the title is selected for use, the player has access to a special dance! Available for 300 Merit Badges.
  • Scroll: Predator Longliner – Summons a fishing boat. Available for 700 Merit Badges.
  • Glider Customization: Inkblack Feathered Dragon – A black glider customization with the design of the Feathered Dragon Glider .
  • Battle Fae Costume – A marvelous red costume that comes complete with white wings. Available for 800 Merit Badges.

Items removed from the Marketplace
  • Celestial Archeum Supply Crate
  • Dreamy Plushie Table
  • Plushiepalooza Pack

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