Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dread Prophecies is Here

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The Dread Prophecies Have Been Fulfilled!

The ArcheAge Dread Prophecies game update has launched from drydock – log in today and play for free!
New Zones and Events : Quest with the Crimson Watch in Golden Ruins and battle other players for control of ancient Mistmerrow. Fight off an Abyssal Attack and sink Ghost Ships to reclaim their vast treasure!
All-new Ship Customization System : Tailor your ship to be a heavy dreadnaught or speedy stealth trader by outfitting it with new components such as Armaments, Sails, Figureheads, and more.
Evolved Combat on the High Seas : Better physics, better gameplay! Factors like weight now affect ship speed, ramming inflicts collision damage, cannons can be upgraded or swapped out for shielding armor, and more.
Of course, that’s only part of the prophecy … dare to read the full patch notes here !

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